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Welcome to Taikoya Guest House!

Our 3 guesthouses are located in the heart of Kyoto.

What to expect as a live-in helper

You will be given a bed in the female dormitory where you will be staying with other guests.
Utility expenses such as water are included and you may use the washing machine free of charge.
You may use the guesthouse’s bicycle if it is available.

You will be expected to carry out an hour and a half of cleaning duty in the morning and to keep watch at night.
During your night watch, please assist guests if they have any questions or need help. You may use this period to chat with guests, to study or to watch drama but please do not go out.
Occasionally, you are also expected to attend to late check-in.

You may choose a shift from ①, ② or ③ (see below) to carry out your cleaning duty.
You will have 8 days off in a month. We allow consecutive days off but please discuss with us first.


You must have a bright and friendly personality.
You should be able to speak either Japanese or English. If not, you must be willing to learn.
You must be positive, reliable and responsible.

Work duration

You are expected to work for a minimum of 2 months. Please talk to us if you wish to extend.
You may not reduce the work duration to less than 2 months without good reasons.

Day off

You are given 8 days off per month. We allow consecutive days off on weekdays only. Please discuss with us first.

Location of your job

Guesthouse Taikoya / Taikoya Villa / Little Taikoya
We may require you to work in other locations in Kyoto (subject to further discussion).

Work hour

Cleaning / ①7: 00~8: 30
②8: 00~9: 30
③10: 00~11: 30

※ Please choose a shift that is convenient to you.

Night watch/ 21:00 to 23:00
In the case of late check-in/ until 24:00

Job scope 

Your main duty is to carry out cleaning tasks.
You are expected to take out the trash (according to the designated day),
water the plants and clean the bathrooms and toilets.
Where necessary, please provide assistance to the staff.

Night watch 

Your night watch includes the following tasks:-
(a) turn off the lights around the toilet at 23:00;

(b) provide late check-in support (this does not happen often);

(c) in the event of an emergency, you are expected to provide the initial assistance to guests as staff may not be available at night (this has not happened before).

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