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  • From Kyoto Station arrive in 7 minutes
    How to Find Directions
  • Please search for destinations kameyacho takakuradori from Google map
  • Por favor, buscar destinos kameyacho takakuradori de Google mapa
  • Se il vous plaît rechercher des destinations de la kameyacho takakuradori de carte Google
  • Bitte suchen Sie unsere Destinationen kameyacho takakuradori von Google-Karte
  • Por favor, procure por destinos kameyacho takakuradori de mapa do Google


  • Taiko-ya is nearest the Gojo Station.
  • Access is easy. 3-minute walk from number ①exit of Gojo Subway Station.
  • Please come walking down the blue dotted line on the map.


  • Go to Gojo Subway Station and get off number ① exit
  • Please use the elevator of number ⑥ exit if your luggage is big.
    Description from Exit 6 is located below
  • Number① exit is like this.
  • Walk along the Gojo street to the east.
  • 2-3 minutes to walk.
  • There is a pharmacy on the left, To turn left at the intersection where there is a 100 yen shop to the right back.
  • You will see immediately Taiko-ya villa on your left and walk a little.
  • Left of the building is Taiko-ya villa .
 If you use the number ⑥  exit.
  • Number ⑥ exit is like this.
  • Take the exit and turn left and then proceed along the main street .
  • Walk up to a big intersection.
  • Please go to McDonald's Corner
  • In front of McDonald's is number ① exit
  • Access from number ① exit is above

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