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Free bikeについて



  • 個室宿泊で2泊以上の方。
  • ドミトリー宿泊4泊以上の方。
  • 事前に太鼓屋別邸の予約を保持している方に限ります。
  • 繁忙期と年末年始は無料のレンタサイクルは受付しておりません。
  • ブッキングサイトやHPからのご予約後に太鼓屋にご連絡いただき、
  • 事前に自転車の空きの確認と予約が必要です。
  • 台数に限りがございますので、自転車がない場合はご了承くださいませ。
  • 有料のレンタサイクルのご予約が入れば返却をお願いすることがございます。

Taikoya bettei rental bicycle will be free from October 1, 2019.
Please be sure to read the essential points.

  • For those staying 2 nights or more required in a private room.
  • For those staying 4 nights or more required in a dormitory.
  • Limited to those who hold a TAIKOTA Bettei reservation in advance.
  • Free bicycle rentals are not accepted during the busy season in the
  • New Year holidays and November,Season of cherry blossoms.
  • After making a reservation from the booking site or HP,
  • Please contact to Taikoya, Bicycle availability must be confirmed
  • and reserved in advance.
  • There is a limit to the number of bicycles. There is a case without a bicycle
  • If another customer paid orders a rental bicycle, we will ask for a return to you.


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